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phantom of the opera + white (requested by emlythorne)


color + fandom = picspam

↳ swanfires requested phantom of the opera + red


The Phantom of the Opera...a mystery never fully explained

for either way you choose you cannot win

Beyond These Palace Walls
- Aladdin The Musical (Second Preview, 2/27/14) (951)


Aladdin the Musical: Beyond These Palace Walls (Second Broadway Preview) Sung by Courtney Reed as Jasmine.

Lyrics (as transcribed by me—there are a few parts that I’m not sure about!)

Suitors talk of love
But it’s an act merely meant to throw me
How can someone love me when, in fact
They don’t know me?

They want my royal treasure,
when all is said and done.
It’s time for a desperate measure
So I wonder

Why shouldn’t I fly so far from here?
I know the girl I might become here
Sad and confined
And always locked behind these palace walls

[????] and devotion every day
And not second guess it

If a new emotion comes my way

You suppress it

What would be your suggestion?

Standing on your own two feet
And ask why a certain question keeps repeating

Why shouldn’t I fly so far from here?
I know the girl I might become here
Follow your heart or you might end up cold and callous

Love comes  to those who go and find it
If you must dream then stand behind it

Maybe there’s more beyond these palace walls
What if I dared?
What if I tried?
Am I prepared for what’s outside?

Why shouldn’t I fly so far from here?
Something awaits beyond these palace walls

*note: I did not take this audio and I do not have the full show! I’m uploading this for people curious about Jasmine’s new song before the cast recording is released in May.