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"Belle", as designed by Miguel Angel Huidor (photos from the Italian, Spanish and German productions, all produced by Stage Entertainment).

My love for this particular dress is endless. This designer has the 18th century as starting point. He makes her a bodice which looks perfectly period in silhouette and details - the cone shape, the tabs, the decorative front lacing. The bodice has actual lacing holes. It’s bound with a contrasting green fabric, for effect and for avoiding wear and tear. It’s so period I wanna cry.

He pairs this with a skirt with nice width and an embroidered hem, also typical of the 18th century. And he gives Belle multiple white, lace trimmed underskirts so it looks stunning when she dance. And on top the silly little pastoral apron so fashionable in the 18th century. 

This isn’t a period costume. It’s a theatrical costume, probably with shortcuts, and with a more modern looking blouse underneath. But it shows how wonderful a costume you can create knowing your dress history. Making it historical plausible doesn’t mean “having to create a museum piece”. 

It’s incredibly rare to see costume design on this level. It’ so hardcore and yet so simple. It screams “Belle”. I am forever in love. 

Gina Beck as Christine Daee

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bluecoolkind sent me one of the little costume pamphlets from the tour, and first off, it is THE coolest thing and I love her. 

And I of course really excitedly noticed that the Don Juan costume design they included features another of Maria’s sketches (that I personally have never seen before) of the undergarments and… I’m just completely blown by the fact that my Aminta petticoat/corset illustration isn’t actually that far fetched after all.


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Music of the Night sketch I drew while listening to Phantasia last night, which is beyond beautiful and hit me smack in the heart with love for this story. This scene is so wonderful. So, so wonderful. I’ve been obsessed with Phantom for ten years, and the impact of this scene is as strong as ever for me. No wonder actors lust after this role. I’m not even a man and I lust after this role. It’s kind of like the “Hamlet” of  musical theater.

I’m going to add color to this one, but I wanted to post the sketch, as well. It was fun actually giving Erik half of a face for once, especially trying to keep that Leroux feel to his build while still retaining ALW’s look. Can’t wait to color this!


there are people out there who dont like the phantom of the opera and you dont need those people in your life